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FCD HomepageThe Florida College Democrats website project was intriguing due to the different limitations we had. One of our major goals was a quick turnaround, and with little time to invest into the project we quickly decided to build a fairly simple WordPress site. It’s tailored toward the annual FCD Convention which was only a few weeks away. WordPress gave us all the functionality we needed and more importantly was an intuitive and easy content management system to learn compared to others, which would help make transitions easier later on as the website admin role passes from person to person.

FCD mobile I found a good theme to use from one of my favorite WordPress theme distributors, Elegant Themes. Unfortunately the theme itself wasn’t responsive, and since our main audience are Florida students who are apt to use their phones and tablets to do a lot of their internet browsing, this was an issue. While a lot of the content pages are just simple text with pictures, I still wanted to make the experience as friendly and efficient as possible for mobile users, so I used the popular WPtouch plugin to create a quick mobile-centric site. Before the convention, I would have the plugin use the registration page as the “front page,” to immediately remind everyone to register beforehand, and then once registration closed I had the plugin use the “schedule” page as the front, so that people have the most relevant information immediately upon entering the website on their phones.

The rest of the site was done conventionally, content pages were for the most part text and images. Forms were done through Google Apps for Business, and the contact form was another great WordPress plugin, Contact Form 7. In the end the site was completed on time as we began accepting registrations for convention, and the transition to the new communications director of the FCD was smooth.