Digital Communications

Besides having a great brand and website, today’s digital marketing environment is more demanding than ever. Social media marketing has particularly become a fundamental part of any basic marketing strategy, no matter if you’re running a business, campaign, or non-profit. A quality and robust social media presence can go a long way, I know from experience that it can be the difference between a great fundraising campaign or a lackluster one, the difference between multiplying your audience growth and not. Here are some of the digital communications services I can provide:

  • Paid Social Strategies – Developing and executing a paid social media strategy that fits your organization’s needs
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services – Helping your organization boost engagement and outreach through techniques for increasing visibility of your online assets
  • Website Building – Providing general consulting on best digital practices and setting up your website with third party web analytics software such as Google Analytics.
  • Graphic Design & Branding – Providing digital design services, from logos to flyers
  • Photography – From events to headshots, I’m happy to provide general photography services to fit your needs