About Me

Technophile, politico, digital strategist, fervid Florida State fan.

I’ve previously worked on the digital teams for the inauguration, and in Wisconsin, Florida, and Chicago to re-elect President Barack Obama. Currently working for FWD.us to help advance comprehensive immigration reform, I also spend my time consultingblogging, as well as some photography on the side. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn for a more comprehensive list of projects and organizations I’ve worked with.


I’ve always been enthralled by technology ever since I got my first computer  – a Power Macintosh 9500 – in 1996. I began rudimentary programming as a youth, but learned to code more professionally during my time at Florida State as well as in my professional endeavors such as during the 2012 campaign. I love how social the web has become, and working with new social technologies as well as keeping up with ever changing online trends has always fascinated me. Building the web, making it beautiful and efficient, and web marketing optimization are a few of my passions.


I began volunteering to help promote social change prior to the 2008 cycle and I’ve stayed involved ever since, from working with grassroots organizations in my hometown of Tallahassee to moving across the country during the 2012 cycle. Working in politics has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, and not only introduced me to some incredibly talented individuals who continue to be great friends but also gave me some truly amazing moments. Feel free to view work samples in my Portfolio.